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23rd-Aug-2007 02:16 pm - Summer SM Town 2007
Well, this is an album late for the season eh? Well here you guys go! =]

Artist: Various Artists
Genre: Pop
Album: Summer SM Town 2007


1. Prologue For SMTOWN [download]
2. 여행을 떠나요 [download]
3. 행복 [download]
4. 이브의 경고 (Feat.신동) [download]
5. 한여름의 크리스마스 [download]
6. 지난 여름밤의 이야기 [download]
7. Festival [download]
8. 조개껍질 묶어 [download]
9. Under The Sea [download]
10. 여행을 떠나요 (Instrumental Version) [download]
11. Under The sea (Instrumental Version) [download]
22nd-Aug-2007 12:06 am - EVERCLEAR! =]
Well,  I know this doesn't quite fit in with "asian music" but This is Everclear and I ♥ them bunches ^^  Some of my favorites are Wonderful, Everything to Everyone,  AM Radio, I will buy you a new life, Strawberry, Father of Mine, and Brown Eyed Girl.  These are supposedly the best of Everclear but theres some they left out that are awesome like "So much for the afterglow"  errr i dun know what else to say, they awesome ^^ hope you like em too =] and i hope i set this up right =.=

Artist: Everclear
Genre: Rock/Pop
Album: 10 Years Gone: The Best of Everclear 1994-2004


1. Wonderful [download]
2. Santa Monica [download]
3. Everything to Everyone [download]
4. AM Radio [download]
5. Volvo Driving Soccer Mom [download]
6. I Will Buy You a New Life [download]
7. Learning How to Smile [download]
8. Strawberry [download]
9. Local God [download]
10. Summerland [download]
11. Fire Maple Song [download]
12. When It All Goes Wrong Again [download]
13. Father of Mine [Radio Mix] [download]
14. The Boys Are Back in Town [download]
15. Heroin Girl [download]
16. Brown Eyed Girl [download]
17. Sex with a Movie Star (The Good Witch Gone Bad) [download]
18. The New Disease [download]
19. The New York Times [download]
20. Song From an American Movie, Pt. 1 [download]
21. Rock Star [download]
seo taiji

Artist: Various Artists
Genre: K-Movie OST
Album: 미녀는 괴로워


1. Beautiful Girl (김아중) [download]
2. 별 (유미) [download]
3. Maria (김아중) [download]
4. 슈퍼스타 (Loveholic) [download]
5. Dance with my daddy (Alex)[download]
6. You don't know I love you (U) [download]
7. 튜울립 (Venny of 상상밴드 feat.종휘)[download]
8. Miss you much (유미) [download]
9. Beautiful Girl (teaser edit) (김아중 feat. Alex) [download]
10. 바보처럼 (김형중) [download]
11. 별 (original dialog ver.) (김아중) [download]
18th-Aug-2007 01:10 pm - Another one while I'm at it... ^^"

Artist: Various Artists
Genre: Children Songs
Album: MBC 25th Children's Song Contest


1. 종이 접기 (박정아) [download]
2. 아빠 힘내세요 (손호영) [download]
3. 네잎클로버 (As One) [download]
4. 하늘나라동화 (Tei) [download]
5. 아기다람쥐 또미 (채연) [download]
6. 새싹들이다 (이상미) [download]
7. 노을 (박정현) [download]
8. 숲속을 걸어요 (Epik High) [download]
9. 아기염소 (Sweet Sorrow) [download]
10. 섬마을 (Bobby Kim) [download]
18th-Aug-2007 09:36 am - ....and 2nd album is done! ^^
lee jun ki
Yeaaaa I'm on a roll, uploaded another album ^^
Track #1 is recommended on this album

Artist: 015B
Genre: Pop/Ballad/R&B
Album: Lucky 7


1. 처음만 힘들지 (Feat. YOZO) [download]
2. 나 아파 (Feat. Kjun) [download]
3. 그녀에게 전화오게 하는 방법 (FEAT. VERBAL JINT) [download]
4. 잠시 길을 잃다 (Feat. 신보경) [download]
5. 성냥팔이 소녀 (FEAT. 호란) [download]
6. 우린 같은 꿈을 꾼 거야 [download]
7. 너 말이야 (Feat. 박정현, Dynamic Duo) [download]
8. 모르는 게 많았어요 (Feat. 정석원, 유희열) [download]
9. 간장드레싱 레시피 (연주곡) [download]
10. No Way [download]
11. I Hate You [download]
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